krytiKaL NatioN Standard Championship

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Starting list

1. Sarvida Najelle krytiKaL NatioN2898
2. Cube Cuby krytiKaL NatioN2601
3. Capp Olympy krytiKaL NatioN2438
4. Cube Cuba krytiKaL NatioN2433
5. Cube Cubo krytiKaL NatioN2398
6. Bag Forthpack krytiKaL NatioN2372
7. Bag Forthpick krytiKaL NatioN2369
8. Capp Olympo krytiKaL NatioN2301
9. Capp Universe krytiKaL NatioN2228
10. Capp Whiplash krytiKaL NatioN2148
11. Sporty Gray krytiKaL NatioN2113
12. Sporty Navy Blye krytiKaL NatioN2111
13. Capp Whitelock krytiKaL NatioN2073
14. Capp Checky krytiKaL NatioN2066
15. Clay Claymore krytiKaL NatioN2012
16. Capp Pinky krytiKaL NatioN2003
17. Capp Silver Lasker krytiKaL NatioN1995
18. Capp Billabong krytiKaL NatioN1992
19. Puma Darky krytiKaL NatioN1992
20. Puma Lighty krytiKaL NatioN1962
21. Bag Heartstrings krytiKaL NatioN1921
22. Snake Snakey krytiKaL NatioN1899
23. Capp Law krytiKaL NatioN1882
24. Capp Imported krytiKaL NatioN1878
25. Capp Fairy Tail krytiKaL NatioN1866
26. Watch Bang krytiKaL NatioN1734
27. Watch Beng krytiKaL NatioN1734