FuzzLand Standard Championship

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Starting list

1. Botswain Ranco Zoff FuzzLand Champions2903
2. Botswain Promise FuzzLand Champions2854
3. Sarvida Jallene FuzzLand Champions2768
4. Botswain Dormant FuzzLand Champions2693
5. Twinson Twinnow FuzzLand Champions2688
6. Botswain Zak FuzzLand Champions2647
7. Botswain Jabla Tentre FuzzLand Champions2595
8. Botswain Bolt FuzzLand Champions2574
9. Botswain Sister FuzzLand Champions2573
10. Botswain Zok FuzzLand Champions2485
11. Botswain Clappy FuzzLand Champions2403
12. Botswain Zik FuzzLand Champions2388
13. Botswain Zek FuzzLand Champions2375
14. Botswain Zuk FuzzLand Champions2371
15. Botswain Presto FuzzLand Champions2338
16. Blower Blowy FuzzLand Champions2159
17. Botswain Charty FuzzLand Champions2113
18. Botswain Banig FuzzLand Champions2063
19. Twinson Twinny FuzzLand Champions2033
20. Bear Berra FuzzLand Champions1956
21. Bear Beary FuzzLand Champions1906
22. Bear Cristina FuzzLand Champions1890
23. Twinson Twiney FuzzLand Champions1863